>Introducing Gracie


This black bundle of fur is our irresistible kitty Gracie. 
Black cats don’t get adopted nearly as frequent as other colors due to superstition, so I really wanted black ones. I also wanted two so they could have family of the same species around to play with (and boy do they play and wrestle together). 
Gracie on left; Hickson on right
When we adopted her and her sister from the pet rescue center, they were in the hands of a foster parent who claimed they were magical. Their foster parent loved these kitties so much that she was considering keeping them herself. These were my first cats ever, and I was surprised that we had to audition for the cats! Luckily, she liked us and decided she wasn’t ready to keep them. 3 years later, they are rambunctious teens but still act like babies.
Gracie loves the limelight
Checking out the VHS Horror collection.
Who can say no to this face?
Such intense gaze

This is what a naughty kitty looks like.

All photos were edited with my favorite iphone app Instagram. Check it out and feel the passion for photography take hold. It’s free!

Download Song Catnip Dreams
Artist: Shonen Knife


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