>Let’s Be Frank: I Have a Monster Obsession


I love horror, thrillers, suspense and monsters. What’s not to love. Your heart races, anticipating a death-defying escape. You think of all the ways you would react in the same situations, taking note to avoid major cities in the zombie apocalypse and to never go into a beef jerky factory in the middle of the backwoods.
One of my fondest memories as a kid were those halloween costumes that consisted of a plastic mask and pull on sac, printed with some of the best graphics ever.

I was away for half of October and November, celebrating a wedding and halloween in Hawaii. I hadn’t been back home for halloween since I moved away 8 years ago, and boy was it madness. It was especially fun since lots of friends were visiting at the same time and it was my hubbies first time experiencing how nuts hawaii is this time of the year. Finally guys were dressing slutty, almost more so than the girls and I’m talking straight handsome men at that! Take note for next year or any upcoming costume parties. I was so impressed by the creative ideas. Pics by me and other people.

Rob was a toy army soldier and i was raggedy anne one night and zombie raggedy the next.

After watching Fido! on netflix, I went dead. It’s so hard to not be scary. Using, Fido as an inspiration, I think my makeup came out great!

There are a ton of more photos that will blow your mind below


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