>When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile


Friday night my husband did not come home.
He met up with my friends and I earlier, accompanied us to the bar Chapel, then left to go on a bike ride. We texted back and forth and when he was ready to head home, I drove to meet up with him. When I got home, he hadn’t left Capital Hill yet. His last text was from one of the bars he works at. 1 hour went by, and I figured he got caught up in conversations. 2 hours went by and I started calling and texting. But he didn’t respond to any of it. The worry started creeping in. Maybe his phone was dead. Maybe he had a flat and was walking his bike home. All these scenarios ran through my head and I went out to look for him. I drove his bike route and passed by his work. Maybe he passed out somewhere… but that wasn’t likely. Blinking bike lights were hammering me with waves of disappointment.
I sat in my living room, with the worst feeling in my gut. I was scared. Something was wrong. He’s hurt somewhere. I knew it. I sat and looked at everything around me, at all the things we enjoy together, our paintings we’ve painted together, and I faced the thought of possibly never seeing him again. I wouldn’t believe it. He is strong and very quick to react to anything that comes his way.
As dawn was approaching, I got a call from the emergency room. They have my husband. He’s had a bike accident. That was all they could tell me. He was found unconscious down a hill and covered in compost. From the report, he was possibly down for an hour before anyone found him. He wasn’t wearing a helmet so had suffered minor brain trauma and broken ribs. If he hadn’t landed in soft land, he would have been toast. They gave him a room and he slept. I drove home to get some sleep too, but I cried the whole way home. Realizing how close I was to losing the love of my life was awful.
Like I said before, he is strong. He healed so fast. After a night at the ER, he had no bleeding in his brain and the valves in his neck were less constricted. Now he is sleeping besides me. He is in lots of pain, but he has almost no scratches. We never found out where he was found, so it’s a mystery what happened to make him fall. He doesn’t remember anything. I am so thankful to have him by my side, snoozing like a babe.
The crazy thing is that we both had premonitions. earlier that day while rob was working downtown, an ambulance was coming up from behind him and all the lights turned green. he had all of 3rd avenue to himself and just raced ahead as the ambulance got closer. He was listening to “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson and it was one of his favorite moments ever. He said it was like the road wanted him there.
I started a conversation at my friends house later that night on the topic of concussions. Rob was training my friend how to punch and asked us if anyone’s been punched in the face. I asked him if falling on my head counted because I fell off swings when I was around 4 and remember crying and being carried home. My friend and I started talking about how concussions are so dangerous. When we left our friends house, I asked Rob to leave his bike in our car but he didn’t want to because it could get stolen.



(Our wedding, Emma Llensa, Ylenia Arca, deer-unknown, Indiana Caba, Vladimir Longauer, Damien Hirst, Us, last-unknown)

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