>I Chopped My Hair Off And It Was The Best Decision I’ve Made In Years


Hair can really add lovely layers to a person, especially long curly sunkissed locks. . . which I don’t have. Hair also can grow back at alarmingly fast rates in warm weather . . . which we lack in the northwest. My point is, sometimes you got to just be brave and go all or nothing. I tried a short cut to my shoulders, but it wasn’t very dramatic.

Hair style trends come and go, and I am inspired by the women of the 20’s. They cut it all off and looked fucking fantastic. I appreciate the rebellion in the youth, which apparently made them look even younger and somewhat boyish. Cutting your hair very short changes the way your wardrobe looks on you.

Luckily I’ve had very short hair before, so I wasn’t afraid of the plunge. My husband had been cutting his own hair and doing a noteworthy job, so with that inspiration I grabbed my professional shears and went to work.
I did find some photos of short dos:

All good ones. I asked my hubby for his opinion and he picked the second to the last pic. So chop, chop, chop and voila! I have trouble with the back, but I’ll get better.

All vintage clothing worn will be available on etsy.

Download song: Je T’aime Moi Non Plus here
Album: Great Jewish Music- Serge Gainsbourg. Artist: Cibo Matto


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