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Vint Condition was Rob’s brainchild. He also came up with Mintage Vintage. But turns Mintage Vintage is a shop in Vancouver.

The girl is me. The background is from a collection of very cool vintage cave photos I own. I used this for a few months but changed it. Perhaps it was a tad dark and could be more inviting.

I changed it to this:
The word vint is short and sweet.
I got the image of the 2 lovelies from a vintage pattern, pics of enamel flowers of ebay, and free fonts online. If you like the fonts, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.
Turns out, vint condition is already used for a shop too. I wanted an original name. So I racked my brain and came up with suki.
One inspiration was Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood, which I recently became acquainted with and devoted 2 solid weeks to watching both seasons. And second, suki has a sweetness and sassiness to it. The fact that suki suki is slang for making whoopie adds humor to it all.
I did find another suki suki which specialize in handmade quirky plushes. Check them out.
Name Change:
PhotobucketIn Japanese, the word suki 好き translates to “to be fond of, love, prefer, care for.” When you really like something, you suki suki it.

All banners were made with photoshop using vintage images, stock art, and lots of help from photoshop tutorials online

Download: song Central and Remote by Grizzly Bear here

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