Hot Hapa

My husband and I got into the topic of dopplegangers the other night and we decided to search online for people who might look like us. My husband Robert is half Spanish/Mexican and Native American/Mexican. I am hapa…half Korean and supposedly Dutch and Native American. (don’t know my father…long story). The term hapa means someone of part Asian and Caucasian descent.

pics of me photographed by me
We ended up searching for other hapas online and did not find a doppleganger but were delighted by all the combos-the good and the bad. I don’t have any pics of what we found because we were on his computer. Let me just say that our favorite was a mix of Australian and Tibetan. She was a fox.

These are some of my finds:

Rachel Rutt

half English, half Singaporean

What a doll. I love to see the different features people inherit from their heritage.

Rachel Rutt is another young one from down under, like Zippora Seven. This 17-year-old was all the talk at Australian Fashion Week 2009. She is causing quite the stir and I can see why.

via haute hapa

Charlotte Carey

half indonesian and half english

She has great lines and skyscraper legs. Charlotte Carey is only 17 and hails from LA.

via New & Latest Fashion World


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