Come Wreath Me

Mini Frosted Reindeer Yarn Wreath

This is my first handmade wreath and I think it would look gorgeous hanging all year long!

I wanted to make something a little darker, for that special someone who likes deers, taxidermy, and purple.

I used a recycled straw foundation, covered with fireproof batting. The yarn is a mixture of rust colored acrylic and magnificent a mohair angora mix. The colors are a nice mix of rust, teal, mauve and lilac. (handspun by Not Just Yarns).

Everything on it has been SEWN into place.

Heidi and Paul Wreath<p align="justified"

I made this for my friends Paul and Heidi who gave me a sink. Out Sink has a huge crack in it from a jar falling in it. Heidi had just purchased a new sink and was getting rid of the old one, which looks amazing! What a score!

Paul had requested Dia de los Muertos and Heidi wanted a gnomy feel. I bought the plastic hands from Atomic Veggie on etsy. They sale tons of great pendants and charms.

Saskia and Evi Wreath

I’m giving all my creations this winter Dutch namesin honor of these amazing antique Belgian sequins I recently purchased from Up-syndrome and a new favorite of mines Made With Love By Hannah.


I grew up in a typical household where wreaths were only used during christmas and they were quickly disposed of after the evergreens dried out. However, I have come across a handful of year-round wreaths which are made from everything from china to toys. Etsy is an amazing place to find modern handmade wreaths.

These are from Agnes Blum of Knock Knocking. They are wreaths she has already sold but she has a ton more to buy.

Smores Garden Wreath

Land of Nod Wreath

Fa La La Yarn Wreath

Who knew tulle would look so lovely. These tulle wreaths are so dainty and airy. The light blue (image above) and pale green (image below)complement the glittery details so well.

Yarn Wreath by Constant Gatherer. Made with a sweet ceramic bird and surrounded by happy vintage yo-yo’s and millinery flowers. She was my initial inspiration and continues to do so. Hand-made gifts made to last are something anyone can treasure.

Mademoiselle Claudette Wreath by Treasured Heirlooms. made with a stunning collection of vintage treasures arranged romantically with jewels, feathers, strands of pearls, glitter, vintage spaghetti poodles, flowers


Peggy & Toms First Party by Treasured Heirlooms again. This wreath looks like a play pen and goodness. It’s made with vintage figurines, party and circus memorabilia, very old toy blocks, old cake decorations, vintage story book pages, trucks, cars, flowers, jewelry, and feathers. Even with the $275 price tag, her wreaths sell out!

And lastly a Ladybug wreath. I came across her website and read how she had retired and had started making wreaths to help with her health costs. She didn’t make much at first but got some tips and eventually had to hire help to keep up with the demand. You go grams! Anyway, I like her style too.


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