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Perks and Mini, duo from Australia, sparked my love for Australia. Misha (Perks) and Shauna (Mini) are so crazy and out of this world. They layer the mysteries and dark sides of life together into something so beautiful.


Wes Lang was born 1972 in Chatham, New Jersey. He has a love for the Dead and pumps out meticulous pencil drawings, often with song lyrics and motivational quotes.

He dropped out of art school after a semester because he’s “disciplined and bad at following orders and it was a big fat fucking waste of time.”

These images are from his series ARE YOU READY FOR THE COUNTRY? that showed at at ZieherSmith in 2008


Building A Better Way to See the US…


Buy US Bongs…


Don’t Bury Me Deep Cause I Aint Gonna Stay…


I’ll Sail My Ship Alone…


he’s Got Eyes That Tell No Lies…


Sit Down Let Me Buy You A Beer


Working Through The Night…

“Wes Lang dances through the bone-yard of America’s tattered narrative embracing both the darkness visible in gallows humor and the risky taunting of viewers in the face of their own taboos. Referencing the alternating pattern of American optimism and obliviousness, from the brash self-promotion and electric voice of Walt Whitman to the booze-fueled failure and heartbreak of Willie Nelson, Lang seeks the source of our duplicity by way of the traditions in our perversions and the pungent stink of our proudest moments. Expounding the violence inherent in our sexual, racial and cultural customs and all the passion of our literary, artistic and political legacies, Lang takes subject matter both canonical and vernacular at dead reckoning. In the end, he skirts political perils and pratfalls by exposing the contradictions in damning our distinctly American vision so steeped in assumptions of protection beyond the pale.” ZieherSmith

….more Wes Lang…

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Here Is The Feast, 2009

Wes Lang’s rad evil drawings make me want more tattoos!!!!




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dark side of the wall


i’m sorry party animal


baby pelt 2005


baby pelt detail

“Francine Spiegel makes large portraits in acrylic of the monstrous feminine. Her soupy, sloppy women protrude from and are engulfed by pop slime piles. Rapper’s girlfriends, socialites, and pin-up girls are all thrown into the stew of mylar, goo, glitter, and chewing gum. Their glammy/gory juxtaposition, coupled with the analog and digital moments of her distortions, presents an interesting visual conundrum of seduction and repulsion to these primordial females.” –Art and culture

David Salle

David Salle (born 1952)

Collage style with interesting themes. I really like his watercolor woodblock prints where translucent images are peaking thru each other.

“When I came to New York in the 70s, it was common not to expect to be able to live from your art. I had very little idea about galleries or the business side of the art world. It all seemed pretty distant. When people started paying attention to my work, it seemed so unlikely that somehow it wasn’t so remarkable. I made my work for a small audience of friends, other artists mostly, and that has not really changed. At the same time, having shows is a way of seeing if the work resonates with anyone else. Having that response, something coming back to you from the way the work is received in the world, can be important for your development as an artist. But you have to take it with healthy skepticism… I still spend most days in my studio, alone, and whatever happens flows from that.” -David Salle


Untitled 2001, watercolor ink


Portrait With Scissors and Nightclub 1987, Color woodblock print

David Salle

David Salle

David Salle

Picture Builder 1993, Oil and acrylic on canvas


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