The Year Is 1967

Some Velvet Morning – Nancy Sinatra with Lee Hazlewood (1967)

I wasn’t even a thought in my mother’s gentle head in 1967. In fact she was only 14 so that pretty much sums that up.

Music in the late 60’s blows my mind. I am such a huge fan of it right now. I came across references to Nancy Sinatra from the website no good for me, which I discovered tonight. A collective of witty women write about their wantings and deep love for the Beatles.

After watching several great videos like “Bang Bang” I came across “Some Velvet Morning” and the memories of listening to this song over and over again many years ago came rushing in. The male-female vocals are hypnotizing.


1. McCall’s Needlework & Crafts Spring Summer 1967
2. Pierre Cardin Canberra-1967
3 &4. Racy 1967 ads ask, “Should a gentleman offer a Tiparello?” via Found in Mom’s Basement
5. David Bailey
6. kids’s fashion of the 60’s taken in 1967 via times of my life
7. unknown

Equipe 84’s version also 1967

Nancy Sinatra’s 1967 version of Bang Bang


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