PhotobucketAlexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2009

“Dark, theatrical and full of tradition. These can only begin to describe Alexander McQueen’s latest collection for men. With every design fathered in his mind, McQueen manages to establish a sense of traditionalism while introducing refreshing touches. Touches such as the cropped and cuffed trousers and the slim fit that will later become the trends to follow. All of the looks seemed to have escaped from Sweeney Todd, A Clockwork Orange or Gangs of New York and acquired a very typically British old-school tailoring air. It seems like the great British minds of design find in obscurity and sordidness the manner in which to reflect their vision of the world.

There is an outfit for every 1880’s guild —trilby hats and walking sticks for the high classes, leather aprons for the butcher, boxing gloves and sweatpants for the sportsman, leather Romanesque breastplates for the fighter. The twist? Exquisite craftsmanship and a sense of noir violence. Smoky eyes are harmoniously combined with British classics like the three-piece suit, the double-chested coat with fur neck or the mackintosh. Such diversity in garments from different epochs may seem like Historically inconsistent were it not for McQueen’s exceptional abilities. He brings together garments from different periods not only carrying off a cohesive collection but also producing utterly desirable pieces anyone would exchange for a kidney in a heartbeat.”
(text source: 212dressingroom)


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