four desires

1. Nails

Matte Black Nails

Halloween is over but all those horror flicks have left a gothic residue behind. Winter is approaching and to embrace my pale skin, this is fantastic.

All manicured fingers point to Mike Potter, an NYC makeup artist who spent years putting ebony nail polish on big stars (Karen O.) and big screens (Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

When he couldn’t find a truly matte version without any gleam or gloss, Potter created Knock Out cosmetics. His addictive Flatte Black nail paint is shiny when wet but dries sans shimmer with one coat. (Imagine the look of fresh charcoal.)

Find it here.

2. Lips

Safety Orange Lips

A pop of one of my favorite colors. Take a cue from nature and go orange. If you’ve got a very dark skin tone, you can take much stronger orange lip colours; punchy colours look amazing on dark skin tones. For those of us with paler skin, warm up your skin with some bronzer first and then try a less pigmented orange or even a gloss in the peach or coral family like Make Up For Ever’s Super Lip Gloss in Iridescent Orange Beige 21 ($16) or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Safety Orange Lip Tar ($13). Ease into it by using it alone or blend it with a classic red shade if you’re feeling more daring.

Don’t forget: go really light on the rest of your makeup.

Find it here.

3. Party Hair

Curls, big volume, vintage styles.

4. Sumptuous Ruffles

Le Coquette Ruffled Scarf. Get it here.

(CHANEL fall 09)
Victorian delicate ruffled collars, bracelets, necklaces and headbands. They can add lots of texture to simple outfits. I’ve been busy making a bunch and will post them on my etsy shop soon.


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