Halloween 2009: Disney Gone Wild

I’m a total insomniac at the moment. The clock says 4:40 AM and that is still early for me. Here I am typing away.

Halloween is less than a week away. This year my friends and i are doing Disney gone bad, but I will already be a villain. So it’s gonna be really bad. Lots of fake blood, knives, transexuality, and drugs.

Kind of like this except our Ariel is going to be a cutter, Pokahontas is going to be a tranny and Snow White a cocaine addict. Wholesome stuff I tell you.

my halloween inspiration

I watched the newer version of 101 dalmations with Glenn Close to get some attitude inspiration. It turned out to be very difficult having a salty demeanor all night. I got caught smiling and laughing a lot.

This dude’s makeup is amazing. Look at his brows!
(i followed Kandee Johnson’s makeup video tutorial.Thanks Kandee)

…working on my costume. I bought a heavy cream coat and sewed on black felt dots and severed dalmation puppy heads with felt blood drops on the back and front. My Cruella wig turned out to be smaller than I had wanted so I attached a victorian white wig to it. It actually added lots of soft curls to my look. My bag is a gutted leopard doll with an old belt as a stap. I attached some alpaca fur scraps to my gloves. I think the fur addiction was beginning.

With a limited budget you can really make most of your costume work for you. I had a craft night at my place and invited Ariel and “Poka-hot-ass” over.

final look!
(vtg coat: $9, vtg dress: $3, vtg gloves: $1.50, cigarette holder: $15, handmade animal print bag $1, wig: free, xtra materials: $3, shoes: very old)
I encountered a fellow fur enthusiast in line. I held back from knocking her out for her coat.
lots of amazing makeup application going on.lifesized dolls
Poka-hot-ass – the whore
(we had a Disney gone bad theme going)
Ariel – the slave
Cruella De Vil – the pimp
Vampires were so hot this year:)
My henchman and I. Now where are those puppies!!
my long lost brother the walking corpse
snow-white (the coked out version) and Dorothy (on drugs)


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