Lingerie As Clothes

Photobucket(daisy lowe milan fashion week)(me)

Living in Seattle can be tough. After months of non-stop cardigans it can be tough figuring out how to pull off a more revealing outfit. The cold weather is not going to stop me (repeat to self). My husband is a big promoter of a healthy sexy outfit. The sluttier.. the better. But I am not like this by nature so it takes some inspiration and channeling to get the look right.

Mouse ears on top right via Haw-lin. The summer dresses on the top left are from Pencey ($294) and Insight ($62).

Button down dresses remind of pajamas with extra hardware (which make them all the more wearable).

Wearing my bra out and about is a huge step for me. It may be my modesty and I applaud anyone who’s got the confidence to wear anything. Corsets are a staple with my friends and lately I’ve been obsessing over micro corsets that show your belly…like a bralet. Topshop had an amazing one a while back in their Highland Fling Fall 09 collection.

Mix lingerie with a chunk knit or see thru top.

shop for it here and here.

I came across this amazing UK lingerie line Bordelle while hunting down some new duds. I don’t have enough “va va voom” to pull these off, but I can appreciate some amazing lingerie. The pieces are fun and could be worn out, over your clothes. FW09

Black lace and crochet tops seem to work best.

(source: Kate Moss Interview Mag sept 2008)


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