Get High

I’m in love with Louis Vuitton’s Fall RTW executed by Marc Jacobs! (clap clap clap). But seriously, who wears this? I want to say I could but the closest thing I have to thigh highs are my slouchy pirate boots.

Details of the show:
•Sheer, black and cream lace blouses, with ruched sleeves and bow-tie necks, appeared with pencil skirts in ruffled leather.
•Jewelled corsets, with the air of the ‘Moulin Rouge’, came with silk pantaloons, ending in a frill at the knee.
•Accessories included garland link necklaces, black satin “rabbit ear” headpieces, tasselled LV bags and clutches, and platform shoes embellished with pearls.

It’s so film noir, so sexy bombshell, so bunnylike with those huge black bows! And how about those boots!!! I know the possibilities of owning them are not worth mentioning, but there’s gotta be something similar less than $100 right?

This is what I found.

5″ Ribbon Lace Up Thigh High Stiletto Boot with strategicly placed buckles for $57. It’s appropriately called Seduce. I’m sure it’s big on the street. But with a little dobble of prim and proper, it could work. You can find it and a gazillion other varieties at


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