Hel Looks Favs of February

Lauri (18) “I’m inspired by everything that I get for free, like my flatmate’s wardrobe.”

This girl reminds me of a vampire. I couldn’t stop staring at her picture. I really like that she’s using her roommates clothes.

Heidi (22)
“I’m wearing a second hand fur hat and a scarf, a jacket from TopShop, leggings from Gina Tricot and shoes by Clarks. Right now I like fur, bright colours, skirts and dresses. I think you cannot have too many dresses. I like second hand and clothes that not anyone would wear.”

I got one of these fur hats this past winter and wore it only once for a xmas photo shoot. Heidi really made it look modern and balanced with her look.
This is the hat, me, my hubby and my kitty
Last but not least, these 2 friends are so cute! I think friends dressing almost identical is pretty much a 2-man party. Dressing alike period is always fun. But these 2 have got some synchronization going.

Sohvi (12) and Anniina (12)
“We’ve had similar clothes since we met in the first grade. We like colourful and comfortable clothes and Japan. Now we’re wearing jackets from MicMac and jeans from H&M. Most of our jewellery is from Blippo store. Next we’re going to make kigurumi outfits.”


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