70’s Interiors

Detail of David Hicks’ notebook, taken from “David Hicks: Designer”

David Hicks, born 1929, was the superstar designer of the 1960s and 1970s. That was before my time and I’ve never heard of him until this room caught my eye. I guess he read lots of architectural magazines while serving in the military and it sparked his fancy. He became so popular, he was sought after by royalty and the privileged.
I am very fond of black walls and have a few myself. They are great to display artwork and tone down a very colorful room.

The subtle turquoise and yellow really make this room pop. His use of those two colors in a neutral room seems to be one of his many signature moves, so I’ve heard. It seems very Miami to me.
I can really appreciate the beauty of a neat symmetrical room soon to be covered in laundry, at least in my case. I’ve aquired a new fondness for patterned carpets, like ones you see in hotels. They look easy to clean too. Not sure art on strings is working here.


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